Friday, January 23, 2009

My Story (long)

Okay so it has been requested that I tell my story, a story that has been going on for the last 6 years, and is still going on....

Okay here is a little background, I am 25 years old and I have been married for 6 years. I spent 7 years in the military thats where the story begins.

When I joined the military I met the man that I married, Scott, we have had a pretty good marriage but we have also had our problems. Scott and I decided pretty early in our marriage that we wanted to have children, so we just firgured that we would not protect againist preganancy but not actual try... Well guess what it worked in April of 2006 I got preg. but due to an upcomming military deployment, I had been vaccinated for everything under the sun, Anthrax, Small Pox, Rabies,mmr, and a whole bunch of other stuff. We had no idea that there was a baby trying to develop inside me. 1 week before our deployment test I had a positive preg test! Well needless to say, I was taken off the deployment roster but Scott he still had to go... He deployed on May 15, I miscarried on May 17th, (somewhat expected because of the vaccinations) Okay so Scott was deployed until Aug 28th of 03 he got to come home early because his mom was so terribibly sick, and we were not sure she would survive, so the Army allowed him to come home! THANK GOD!!!! Okay well Scott and I went on BC for a little while because of the vaccinations. We went off bc in April of 2004 low and behold we got preg pretty quick. I had a positive pregnancy test in August of 2004, after my first OB appointment we discovered that we were being blessed with twins, We were so HAPPY Twins OMG! Everything was progressing pretty well we found out we were having a girl and a boy, Madyson LaBelle and Wyatt Kingsley, we started planning and preparing and telling our family! We were so excited, one day Scott and I were in Iowa fishing on Lake Odessa when I felt like something was wrong really really wrong, well that was October 15, 2004 I went to the er to find that there were no heartbeats the babies had passed away. We were devestated! Scott and I figured that having children was not in cards for us. We moved back to Colorado in January of 2005, we had another positive test in 2005 but miscarried again with a couple of days of the positive test.

We had some "pregnancy scares" through out the next couple of years but nothing great nothing to write home about... Until August of 2007 I got pregneant and everything was going amazingly, we had great u/s sounds. During my 12 week u/s the doctor started thinking that something was wrong with the babies heart, after some more extensive testing we discovered that our little daughter would have a severe heart defect, she would most likely need open heart surgery a few days after she was born, if the problem didnt correct it self in the womb. We were upset but grateful that we would have this little darling that choice us as her parents and family. On November 22nd, our precious little girl passed away while still in my womb, she was delivered but I never got to see her... Scott was not able to be with me either... It was by far the worst day of my life. The doctors have always said that the miscarriages were most likely due to the vaccinations that I received while in the army.

Scott and I again decided that we were done trying to have children and that we were going to be happy with the way things were, just the 2 of us.

Scott and I had been trying not to get preg. when sure enough I got preg! I found out I was preg the first part of November, Although I was hesitant to tell anyone I kept the secret between Scott and I well for a few days, I went to the Doctor, and had an ultrasound done at 5 weeks 3 days, a little black circle was all we saw. Well we decided that we would need the support of our family, so we told the family that week. I went in for weekly ultrasounds, and sure enough a couple weeks later we saw a super strong heartbeat! 113 beats a minute, then the next ultra sound jumped to 176 heart beats a minute!
Oksy, so I have finally found a doctor that knows what he is doing, he tested me for everything under the son, during the 1st trimester it was discovered that I had a low progestrone level, I got put on Prometruim once a day, the pills from hell! They made me so terribly sick! I would not have changed it for anything! Okay so when I was 12 weeks I was able to come off of the Prometruim, the doctor then decided that it would be good to test me for any blood clotting disorders, well guess what sure enough I have MTHFR -Homogenous- which means that I have not one but two mutated genes that cause my blood to clot unnessasarily. I am now taking 30 ml of Lovenox once a day, This is an injection in the stomach. I take extra folic acid and baby asprin everyday to help my blood from clotting. We also discovered that I am Rh Negative- i have recieved 1 Rhogham shot thus far. I am now 15 weeks 5 days! We are having a boy!

I guess one of the reasons, that Tersea wanted me to share my story, is because I have been where some of you are.... I may not have had to go through fertility treatments, but I have had the heartbreak and devesation that comes with trying to have a family. There were days that I would get AF and I would cry my eyes out because the chance of having a baby were gone for that month. It seemed like people around me were having babies, I was angry and didnt understand why someone like me, someone who has devoted herself to the country and to God, could get preg. only to be devestated when our babies were taken from us! I began to doubt god and question why, there are still days that go by I wonder why. I am sure of one thing, without my family I would not have gotten through any of this. Everyday I say a little prayer for my little baby growing inside me, I say a prayer for all of the couples out there trying to concieve, I pray that you will all have the strength to get through the rollar coaster and know that when you finally get to hold your little baby in your arms it will be priceless....

I hope that in some ways my story can give you hope, and the will to keep going, if I can ever help just let me know and I will be there.....


  1. Oh wow, I really loved reading this story, and you did give me hope. I stumbled on your website from another one and I can't help but say how strong you are! My husband and I just started trying (in our fourth month now) but thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Very awesome Heather. If there is anyone that I know that deserves a baby, it is you. You've been to hell and back several times and now you are finally seeing the light. I can't wait to meet your baby boy!!!!