Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hi everyone as you will all learn I am battling secondary infertility! I would love to build up my blog to be a place that I can find support and friends that are in similar shoes as I am.  As you can read in my Journey story I came a long way to have my wonderful little one Ethan!
We are doing this on our own my family knows nothing about our journey to concieve this baby, as they are not very supportive. While my husbands loves the idea of having another child he is not as “into” the infertility treatments, and he doesn’t understand the ache of my heart because I so desperately want another little one to love.  So I go to my blog, I follow a lot of blogs and while I may not be the best commenter I love reading the stories and I pray for you all everyday! 

Now to the give away!
In order to help me build up my blog I am going to be doing a give away! I picked this braclet because everyone should follow their dreams regardless of what the dream is, be it having kiddos or going to school, publishing a book what ever the dream follow it!

All ya gotta do is leave me a comment with your blog,  mention my blog on your blog with a link back here( leave me a comment with your link), then start following me (leave me a comment letting me know you are following)…  that is 3 chances to win! Cant wait to meet you all!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whirl Wind

That is what life has been recently! OMG goodness, with an active 20 month old and trying for another one life does not seem to slow down. I cannot believe that it is already March! That means that Ethan will be 2 in just four months! Where does the time go?

On the Resolve front, the last two meetings have been great! I have had a total of 10 ladies although nobody from last month came this month, but it was really good to know that people are reaching out for support on the TTC journey. 
When I think about our Journey I wonder where we would be if we would not have walked this journey.  I am greatful for the journey that I have walked, I am greatful for our little angels in heaven may they continue to watch over Ethan and our future child.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Meeting of the minds

I had a meeting with my ob/gyn on Tuesday, and while I love him in general i am not sure that he is really hearing me. I feel like he has done this so many times that he just says take clomid have sex get pregnant, could it really be that easy?  I asked him what our protocal for this month take 1 baby asprin everyday, take clomid 50mg from day 3-7 ultrasound on day 14 to check for follicles, on day 18-25 progestrone check if it low start progestrone. I am going to be working out as much as i can because i know that my weight has a lot to do with my infertility issues. I am going to try to eat healthy and just find my zen...