Friday, January 14, 2011


Here is the long needed update.

WE MOVED- As of the middle of Dec Hubs and I got a new home! Yeah! We are blessed by the Boll family! We are very happy that we have a place we can really call home. Here are the details. It is a 3 bedroom home with 2 bath and a huge backyard. We painted Ethan’s room a creamy muslin color and we will be painting the living room a spanish chestnut color. I will have pictures up soon. Our kitchen is small but it works, it is a awful green color we will be trying to find a color for the kitchen in the near future.  There is gorgeous wood work through out the whole house that is amazing! I love it! We will  have a blast this spring, getting the yard and a new veggie garden going! We are planning on planting tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash and green onions. We are very blessed and very happy that we are in a home that we can rasie our family.

Military Updates- Pvt Krystal Boll has been promoted and she had graduated Basic Training and is now well on her way to graduating, AIT. She has been assigned to Korea, she will go there after she completes AIT and Airborn school.
Our good friend Jake, just reenlisted into the Army after serving in the Airforce- He is leaving for Basic Training in February. He is going to be a Reservist for a little while and then he wilL transfer to active duty. He has a wife and a handsome little boy names Skylar. Be sure to keep them in your prayers as it is always hard to be away from your family. (even if it is just training)

Ethan Update- I cant believe that he is 18 months old, it seems like just yesterday he was a just a little teeny baby, now he is a running, yelling lovable happy toddler! He is amazing, he learns new things everyday.  We have our 18 month appointment next week and in march we have an endocronology appointment in March, we need to find out why he is not growing, he has been around 22 pounds and 29.5 inches tall since he was 12 months old. He now says mama. Dada more milk and banana- nana

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