Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Part 2

Sunday was very uneventful, and honestly it was a time to reflect and try and deal with everything that was happening, it seemed as though Grandpa would never be allowed to rest. At this point, Grandpa’s family, My Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and my Parents and us were not going to be allowed to attend the services, threats of being hauled away by the sheriff if we try to attend. I contacted the Pastor of a church that I attend occasionally, and explained to him the situation and we had planned on having a memorial service for Grandpa on our own, the out of state family made arrangements to travel to colorado. The fighting over belonging started and stopped throughout the week as at this point the only thign anybody really wanted was to be allowed to go to the services. On Tuesday we received word from Bettys daughter that our family would be allowed to attend the services on Saturday. Family started to arrive on Thursday afternoon.

Amazingly Saturday went on without any major problems, Here is what I noticed, Betty’s daughter, Kathy (she hated my grandfather with a passion) she was in tears, and making a very large show.
My Grandfathers family was scowled at and we all felt very unwelcome
Grandpa’s ashes were not there
The Pastor that perfromed the service read the Obituary directly from the paper and then gave a serman about being forgiving.
My Grandfathers Burial Flag was not folded properly I refolded that at the end of the service along with my brother in law. Not for Betty but out of respect for my grandfather.

Easter Sunday was a very good day, this is the first holiday that our whole family has been together, mind you we wish that it could have been on better terms but we were still greatful that we got to be together to celebrate Easter and the life of one the greatest men I have ever known.

Sunday night is when things got a little rough, everyone was really upset that Betty was not giving anything of Grandpas to his daughters. Grandpa was restoring an old Ford Bronco for my Aunt Dawn, and spent a lot of money doing so. My parents being that they are the only local family, got elected to fight Betty for the Bronco, My grandpa gave my parents the title to the Bronco so at least they had that, they got the Title into my dads name and went to the court house to have papers drawn up so that they could get the Bronco. Betty was served on a Thursday and on Friday she went to the court and filed for a restraining order againist my mom, saying that my mom attacked her the day after grandpa died, why did she wait almost 2 weeks to file. The court date for the Restraining order is June 6. I will keep you updated on that as things happen.

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