Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Ago

73 days before this day 10 years ago, I signed a contact that would change my life forever. I enlisted in the US Army, I signed up thinking that I would do my time and serve my country never thinking that a 73 days later I would be called into action while still in High School. On the morning the Towers fell soldiers around the country knew that we would be asked to fight for those that died that day. Never did I imagine that I woul dbe forever changed, that I would serve with brave men and women who will never see their children grow, never again will they be able to wake up and feel the touch of their loved ones. Today I remember my fellow brothers and sisters in green that fought the war on terrorism, nor will I forget those who lost their lives to selfless acts of Sept. 11, 2001...

Where were you that day?

This picture is a picture of a picture- My Basic Training Platoon in July of 2002

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