Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life is Life

I suppose I should fill you all in on what has been going on lately, first of all in my Resolve group there have been multiple successes which makes me very happy. My dear friend for Ambition Mother Hood is PREGNANT! Whoo Hoo. I am so happy for her. She has an ultrasound coming up I am excited to know if she is having multiples as her first Beta was pretty high.
Ethan went with the hubby to Iowa last week and had some really great daddy and son bonding as well as some time with Grandpa, (pictures coming soon) Ethan made some new friends while in Iowa. I joined the boys on Thursday, Ethan was so happy to see me. I missed him so much! We had a blast we went fishing, to the water park, to the races and we played outside it was a lot of fun.
Photography is going wonderfully! I shot a wedding of my dear friend Ali She was beautiful. I will post some of those pictures soon as well. I have been doing a lot lately and I have a shoot this weekend.
On the baby front no news, I am still not ok with being done but who knows what will happen, we cannot afford to get the hubby’s surgury so who knows what will really happen.
The most exciting thing that has been happening I have to say is that I started to COUPON! Yes Coupon, am I going totally extreme? No, not really but I am the crazy coupon mom that goes in with a big blue binder, and I am constantly searching for coupons. I have been doing pretty well, I am average between 65-70% savings during every trip and I have gotten some great free stuff, but that is a post on its own. I will be writing that soon!
All in all life is life and it is what it is. J

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